LJH3 Hebdomadal

Mismanagement 2019/2020

On-Sec Carolyn Glockhoff (Caro-Lion)
DownDown Master George Eckhoff (Psycho)
Religious Advisor Cindy Eckhoff (Jock Strap)
Hare Raiser Jo Ann Lane
Beer Meister John Kennedy (D.Duck)
Hash Winer Lee Gillard (Capt. Hook)
Hash Cashes - Revenue collector Patty Cornelius (La Bufadora)
        Payables Lee Hultgren
Webmaster Gordy Adsit (Fuzzy)
Hash Flash Jim Hollarn (Hoot)
HARES: e-mail run starts to carolyn@caro-lion.com and fuzzy@gordy.net AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO RUN

Next Runs and Announcements:

#2170 - 9 December - Sagittarius run  6:00pm
Hares:  La Bufadora (Patty), Warmers (Colleen P.), and Thumb & Thumber (Mike W.)
Runstart:  209 S. Nardo Ave., Solana Beach
Garage ending.

#2171 - 16 December
Hares: Mike and Anita

#2172 - 23 December
Hares: F*n Ready

#2173 - 30 December
Hares: On Dee and Rickashaw


Note to hares: The beermeister and winer need 20# of ice for the beer and 6-10# for the sodas. In the cool weather we can prob. get by with 20# total. Also, if possible, please provide parking spaces for beermeister and winer. Lee and Linda Gillard will be taking over as Winers. Hares please find a friend or someone who will write-up your run. It could even be one of the hares. If you are one of those people who says you never read the Heb, then when you are hare just don't find a scribe. Your call. Write-ups should be e-mailed to Caro-Lion. This has been a trial procedure, so far working pretty well.


#2169 - 2 December  Cottonwood Creek Park  6:15pm
Hares: Jock Strap and Psycho
Runstart:  95 N Vulcan Ave, Encinitas (Encinitas Blvd & Vulcan)  A-A
Dog friendly.  Bring flashlights and warm clothes.
No write-up at this time.

Message from Valter:

Carolyn, how are you? Thanks for sending me the Heb and let me share vicariously in LJH3 runs. I wish I still had a base in San Diego so that I could drop by more often than I have. The Hash got me to embrace Running, culminating in three Marathons and a Division First at Crater Lake Oregon.

Is that Patrice Wagner I see in some recent Hoot photos? Patrice and I shared our first three marathons, and she ran more after that. Please ask her whether I could call her over the Holidays to reminisce a bit and get her phone number. I would also like to call you for the same reason.

As for me, I am happily living at the El Dorado, a 250 unit senior community and am at 94 one of the healthier residents.

I welcome calls and emails ~~ 623-203-5691 and valta@cox.net ~~

Thank you, Walter


Hon Sec Caro-Lion

Photo Gallery

Hoot's pictures from Encinitas

Brand new Harriette, brought to you by Nibbles (Liz) and Throws Up Stays Up (Craig)
Her name is Clare Isabella, and she's doing well, as is Mama. Born on 11/25 at a weight of 7 lbs, 5.8 oz
Note: She is already using a hashware blanket.

Pre-run snacks
Beer check

Street art
On in to the gazebo

Walkers arrive

Hashit demo down-down

Teams advancing: SDSU and Iowa

Dead or alive stories and jokes
Rickashaw gets down-down from F*n Ready

Welcome back Jack Shit, Cyber Slut, and Ken J.
Cabana Boy

Powegians surviving the Poway water crisis
Next hare: La Bufadora (Patty)

Hares: Jock Strap (Cindy) and Psycho (George)
Cupholder umbrella

In the news...

Judge's running club helps Skid Row's homeless rebuild their lives

UC San Diego scientists create algae flip flops

Curious about the international hashing scene? Look at the latest issue of Harrier International Magazine, published by Bimbo -- Bimbo has provided access to the entire magazine for a year for submitting an article. -- Caro-Lion