Run Start for La Jolla Hash

Monday, 01/30/23

Run#: 2322

Name: Baby Its Cold Outside!
Hare(s): Ondee & Rickashaw
Location: 14775 Midland Rd., Poway. This is on the North side of the intersection of Midland Rd. and Twin Peaks Rd. A lot of street parking. It is next to the Poway Adult School which may also have parking. Encinitas
On In:
Start: 6:00 PM A to A, drive to B
Fee: $8 or membership
Dog friendly: Trail Only
Notes: The start is a wide spot in the road on Midland with numerous parking places. Look out for school buses returning to the barn! The run will be mostly street since Dead Dog Walking has used all the trails up Twin Peaks. "B" will be the garage at the Casa Del Sharp, 13652 Poway Springs Rd. In order to conserve natural gas, there will not be a spa on this run. Note the 6:00 start time to give the hard-working people time to get to Poway.