Run Start for La Jolla Hash

Monday, 4/15/24

Run#: 2385

Name: Tax Day (NOT!)
Hare(s): Just Dawn and Dead Dog
Location: Lake Poway upper parking lot 14644 Lake Poway Rd
Start: 5:30 PM A to A, drive to B
B: 16027 Martincoit Rd., Poway
Fee: $8
Dog friendly: Trail only
Notes: Park along Knoxville St or West Morena Ave (take trail down slope past dumpster) or in City Lights Lot (any time after 4 pm except Dec.). Leave after-run gear in car. Congregate in CBC outside patio area. Two trails (T/W & E) both clearly marked w/no BC. All ought to be back within an hour+, unless lost. 7:15 sunset, thus little/no need for artificial illumina+on; just let your own brilliance light the way. Bring cash or card for food (menu on line/put your order in at bar and take a number back to table). Beverages (including wine), are covered on LJH3 Mug Club account. There will be DD's although might be out on patio in deference to any perceived 'sensitive or readily offended' regular patrons. Run to be listed on SD website in case visiting hashers from out-of-town desire an alternative to a near-concurrent Tower Bar Larrikin Run in University City. Little to no chance of overlap.